Fruit Tree Classes

Classes- Grow & Maintain Fruit Trees


Annual Classes


Weston’s Antique Apples  – 5470 S. Overlook Dr, New Berlin. Classes cost $25 each.

    • Fruit Tree Pruning – last Saturday in March
    • Integrated Pest Management – 2nd Saturday in April
    • Grafting – last Saturday in April

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

    •  Wisconsin School for Beginning Market Growers usually held January or February, because it is taught by experienced growers with farms to manage.  3-day course that aims to give students a realistic picture of what it takes to run a successful small-scale produce operation.
    •  Midwest School for Beginning Apple Growers  usually held in January, February or early March.  3-day course – demonstrates what it takes to set up and run a successful orchard business.

Midwest Fruit Explorers

      • “crazy about the best tasting, most flavorful fruits that grow well here.  This includes little known varieties of apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes and nuts; and more unusual fruits such as the pawpaw, mulberry, persimmon, fig, juneberry, Asian pear, and hardy kiwi.  Our members locate, graft, propagate, test, grow and swap these superior fruiting plants, and then get together and share their knowledge.”