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Apple Maggot Fly
Apple Maggot Fly



There are unlimited combinations of companion plants that may be tried for increased ecological balance near fruit trees.  For apple trees in particular, alliums grown under the trees may address scab.   Climbing nasturtiums grown into the tree may repel woolly aphids.  Apples production may be enhanced by growing clover, foxgloves (Digitalist purpurea), and wallflowers (Erysimum cheiri).  Growing apples near potatoes may make potatoes more susceptible to blight.


Organic Fruit Tree Growers Association Research

Click here to access an amazing body of research gathered by the Organic Fruit Tree Growers Association. Research topics include:

  • Native Pollinators
  • Hogs
  • Hops (managing coddling moth & weeds)
  • Beneficial Nematodes (managing codling moth)
  • Soil Quality and Fertility
  • Habitat for Beneficial Insects
  • Varieties Resistant to Fireblight and Scab
  • Inter-planted/Mulched Orchard Rows

03/06/2014 – As Organic Rules Shift for Fire Blight Control, The Organic Center Releases Essential Suggestions for Apple and Pear Growers.  Read more.