Honeybees and native pollinators visit each fruit blossom many many times before a delicious looking apple appears!


Resources to attract and provide habitat for pollinators in your yard:

1. The Xerces Society is an amazing resource for Pollinator Conservation including but not limited to:

  • Native Bees Nest Management Guides
  • Regional Plant Lists – particularly wonderful guide for the Great Lakes Area
  • Conservation Guides
  • Native Pollinator Plant Nurseries
  • and so much more!


2. Beepods is a local business focusing on city beekeeping, education, and bee conservation.  The Beepods facebook page is a wonderful community of top-bar hive beekeepers (many of them in the Milwaukee area).

“Instead of stacking the hive vertically, we’ve refined an ancient top bar hive design which spreads out horizontally creating a far more accessible hive for care and safe viewing. Custom-designed Inspection Forms teach essential observation skills and specialty Tools make your journey into beekeeping un-bee-lievable!” – Beepods.com


3. The Abbe Warre hive is another wonderful way to enter the world of good bee stewardship.  Click on the free online PDF of Abbe Warre’s book “Beekeeping for All” translated into English.  There are various community members interested in this style of beekeeping.  Email contact@gleanmilwaukee.org to connect with like-minded neighbors.

Find supportive groups of folks using the Warre hive