Uncommon Fruit

Uncommon Fruit


PawPaw Fruit – thrives in Southeastern Wisconsin

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Want to learn more about fruits like aronia, currants, Saskatoon, and even jostaberries?

Secher from Carandale Farm shares his observations and knowledge of using fruits in an integrated cropping system that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.  For hobbyists, backyard gardeners, nutritionists, environmentalists and commercial fruit growers.


Want to buy fruit plants/shurbs/trees?

    • The Draw – Water’s Edge Nursey & Gardens -Wisconsin
      We use only biological controls attempting to create cultivated ecosystem.  In our nursery we focus on root growth to produce healthy plants that will thrive in your landscape.
    • Oikos Tree Crops – Michigan
      Since 1985 Ken has been planting various types of nuts, fruits and unique crops.  His goal was to find food plants that can produce food crops with minimal intervention yet  provide maximum nutrition.  His plant selections have led to new types of hybrid American chestnuts, oaks for timber and acorn production, northern pecans, American persimmons, beach plums, groundnuts, hazelnuts, apricots and pawpaws.
    • Edible Landscaping – Virginia
    • Rain Tree Nursery – Washington
    • One Green World – Oregon