Scout Trees


Do you walk around in fall-time and see trees laden with fruit?

Spread the good word about gleaning.


1. Print out a flier.  Cut it in half.
If you don’t have easy access to a printer, send us your current address and we’ll send some in the post!


2. Knock on your neighbor’s door, introduce yourself, and give them the flier(s).

Conversation ideas:

  • What are you doing with the fruit from your fruit tree?
  • Would you like to give it to a food pantry?
  • Did you that Glean Milwaukee will organize volunteers to help pick your fruit and deliver it to a food pantry?
  • Glean Milwaukee has resources on the website to help identify pests, etc.
  • You can contact Glean Milwaukee anytime via email or phone.

3. If they are not home, try again.
Last resort, leave the flier in their door.
Meeting face-to-face is the best! 🙂


street with fall trees and cars 800 x250 px