Why Harvest Fruit?

Why Harvest Urban Fruit?

(An excerpt from Solid Ground’s Urban Fruit Harvest guide)


Unlike planting a garden, owning a fruit tree is often unintentional.  Many tree owners find that they have ‘inherited’ a fruit tree. Growing and harvesting the fruit may seem intimidating, if not an actual nuisance. But there are many reasons to think differently about urban fruit.


  • Urban fruit is local food.  Apples from down the street have the same benefits as  apples from the store, and they are typically fresher.
  • Many people can’t afford to buy organic produce – while most people with fruit trees have more than they can use. This creates opportunities for sharing.
  • Harvesting fruit can build ties between neighbors and promote an interest in fruit trees, thus building community knowledge and resources.
  • Unharvested fruit poses sanitation and pest problems. Dropping to the ground, the fruit creates a mess, may attract animals, and serves as a host for next year’s fruit pests.
  • Unharvested fruit is a moral hazard, creating waste out of a much-needed resource.
  • Harvesting and eating urban fruit can show children exactly where fruit comes from.
  • Urban fruit is a potential source of revenue to support individuals and causes.


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