Pruning & Basic Care

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Basic Care

• Basic Fruit Tree Care
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There are endless methods and opinions regarding pruning.  The method and philosophy that will work for you depends on the context of your specific situation — is the tree already full grown?  Are you considering growing the trees from seed, from rootstock, etc?  The following resources will expose you to some of the methods.

Pruning – Jeffrey Johnson, MN Landscape Arboretum arborist
• Pruning – City Fruit, non-profit of Minneapolis, MN
• Pruning – Hilary Rinaldi, professional landscaper
• Pruning – radical take on “no-prune” method.  also this link
• Mature Fruit Tree Pruning Technique — Midwest Fruit Explorer member Allen Cosnow explains theory/practice as he prunes an overgrown apple tree

 Other Interesting Stuff

• What is Backyard Orchard Culture – Includes ideas for high density planting, successive ripening and pruning in a backyard orchard.


Tree Services that will prune fruit trees in Milwaukee area

Hoppe Tree Service